Know more about Murphy Beds

Did you know that the average guest bed is used 11 days per year? When you look at it this way, it seems kind of silly to devote a whole room to a bed that will only see use a few times each year. That’s why folding guest beds have become so popular. You may have heard of this type of bed by the brand name “murphy beds“. This is because the Murphy Bed Company used to be the only folding bed manufacturer.

The idea is that the bed will fold up against a wall and stay out of the way until you need it for guests. This allows you to use the room for other things. Some people have chosen to make their guest room primarily a study, a sewing room, a home theater room, a home office, you get the idea. Today, the sky’s the limit! Folding guest beds have evolved from the snarfy-looking contraptions of years ago. Now you can buy a wall bed that is a work of art.

Available style innovations include beds that fold up into an armoire, beds that fold up into an entertainment center wall unit, even beds that fold up into a bar. One design allows you to incorporate a loveseat or sofa! In this style, the sofa leans against a wood wall unit. When the bed is folded down, the back of the sofa folds down to provide support for the bed, which folds out of the wall unit.

Another design looks like a staggered library bookcase. When you need to let the bed down, just slide the two center bookcase units to each side and the bed folds down from in between them. Some beds even integrate a table into their design.

These folding guest bed designs allow even the most discriminate homeowner and/or renter to find something to fit his taste and d├ęcor. Which brings me to my next point: a wall bed does not have to be permanently installed. This means that if you want to move and take your folding bed with you, you can.

There is no special mattress needed, although a waterbed doesn’t work in this application. It’s just too heavy. However, if you have back problems and need a special mattress, you can use it. Folding beds come in all sizes, including twin, full/double, queen and king size. Prices start for the folding bed mechanism at about $300 and go up from there. You can choose to buy the parts and design/create your own bed, or you can buy a pre-made wall bed and have it installed. The library wall unit mentioned earlier runs approximately $2000 to $3000 (check for summer sales) for a full size bed and includes the wall mechanism, bed and library shelves system.

You’re probably wondering how these folding guest beds measure up for comfort. You’ll be glad to know that they beat a sofabed, hands down! Many people state their wall bed is the most comfortable bed they’ve ever slept in. This is most likely because wall beds require good support, so are better made than many box springs units. Whatever your need, you’ll be glad to see that a folding bed allows you to provide comfortable sleeping arrangements for friends and family while allowing you to fully utilize your valuable space.